“Event Point” - Event, Conference & Meetup HTML Template

Event Point is a well designed HTML Template for Conference, Event, Meetup, Seminar, Exhibition, Congress, Meeting, Business Conference, Event Management, Meet Up websites.

Thank you for purchasing Our theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form HERE. Thanks so much!

We assume that you possess html, css and bootstrap knowledge. Moreover if you fell more about this matter please visit HTML and Bootstrap3. Hope that will be sufficient for you. If you need custom development as well as need to know any thing specific for this theme that doesn't cover in this documentation, you are always welcome to contact us.

The image has used at live demo is not available with download package. That means you will get "http://placehold.it/" image instead of live demo image. Just need to replace place holder image with your own image. Be careful about the image path of html and css file. If you find any type of difficulties with image or want to get any live demo image, just contact with us by the mail [email protected].

Master Stylesheet Table of Contents

Global Styles

  1. Typography
  2. Section Title
  3. Brand Button
  4. Animations


  1. Header Section
  2. Banner Section
  3. Slider Section
  4. Speakers Section
  5. Video Section
  6. Schedule Section
  7. Sponsors Section
  8. Travel Section
  9. Register Section
  10. Photo Gallery Section
  11. Blog Section
  12. Testimonials Section
  13. Contact Section
  14. Circular Countdown Section
  15. Footer Section

Single Page

  1. Single Page Style


  1. Responsive Style

How to Modify or Customize

This theme has only Seven html file for Eleven layout or view. So that, do any kind of changes please open specific file that you want to modify for your personal website.

How to Change Layout?

In Our Site, There are 5 Home Pages & 7 Inner Pages. There are,
  1. index.html (For Default Layout)
  2. index-slider.html (For Slider Layout)
  3. index-typed.html (For Typed Layout)
  4. index-contentslider.html (For Content Slider Layout)
  5. index-banner.html (For Banner Layout)
  6. blog-list.html (For Latest Updates Listing)
  7. blog-single.html (For Single Latest Updates )
  8. contact.html (For Contact Page)
  9. gallery.html (For Gallery Page)
  10. speaker-single.html(For Single Speaker)
  11. speaker-list.html(For Speaker List)
  12. sponsors-list.html(For Sponsors List)

If You Want to Default layout, You Have to keep index.html file and remove rest html file.

To use other Layouts except default layout., it is necessary to rename that specific file as index.html file.

How to Change Color?

Eight Pre-defined unique style sheets are available in our package which are located in css folder inside assets.

Two ways you can change the default style.

One: To change default color go to css folder and rename your desired style file as style-default.css . For example: style-red.css will be change as style-default.css.

Two: To change default color please go to head section(line number 79) of html file and find the code chunk like below:


Now you can use our any Pre-defined color, just add the style name. for example( blue color):


Moreover you can use your strategy also.

NOTE : You can also use minified version of stylesheet. Which are available in css folder inside assets.

NOTE : If you want to customize your own color for your site, there are a great opportunity fo you. Just open Less folder and generate your unlimited color schemes using available gulp file.

How to Change Icone Fonts?

Here we have used Font Awesome for icon. If you want change or add new one then you can find all font collection from here.

Section Title

We followed same coding standard for all section titile and subtile. That make it high customisable.

If you want to customize Title & Subtitle, just find out this type of code chunk from top of every section and chage it as your choice:



Conferences dedicated to building remarkable events.

In header section contains some basic html masrkup with Slider. We consider that you can easily custotmize it as your requirement. To custmize header section please find out code chunk like bellow. Change it as you like.


To add new Text in typewriter effect, please find out a code chunk just like below and add your own content.


Digital Business Conference 2019


To set countdown please find the section like below and set your event date. please keep date Format must be :"Y/m/d". For Example: 1017/10/5



To add a Speakers, You have to find out this type of repeated code chunk just like bellow, then customize or repeat it as your demand.


Jonathon Doe

Ceo of LogicHunt


To add a new video please find the the iframe like below add your own video link.



Schedule Section is simple bootstrap Tab.So, you can easily customize this. For more about tab please visit Here

Get Ticket

To add a ticket table, You have to find out this type of repeated code chunk just like bellow, then customize or repeat it as your demand.



Initial Pass

Attend only First day

  • Unlimited Entrance
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Paid Certificate
  • Day One Workshop
  • One Certificate
Buy Ticket

To add a gallery item, You have to find out this type of repeated code chunk just like bellow, then customize or repeat it as your demand.


Latest Update

If you want to customize or add new blog item, You have to find out this type of repeated code chunk just like bellow, then customize or repeat it as your demand.


Testimonials Section

This is a simple Owl Carousel.

If you want to customize or add new item, You have to find out this type of repeated code chunk just like bellow, then customize or repeat it as your demand.

It is noted that first item must have a class "active".


Quisque ac velit urna. Nunc non nisi sed ante eleifend rhoncus non at sem. Nam luctus facilisis erat, rutrum luctus sapien tincidunt eu. Vivamus rutrum finibus nisi, sit amet venenatis lorem vulputate sed. Donec porttitor dolor sit amet!

Jonathona Islam SagarCEO of LogicHunt


In our contact form we used html, javascript and php validation for all field validation.

For send email we have used a popular classic email sending library for PHP name PHPMailer

To configure email sending options, you have to open mail-config.php file from php folder.You can see the code just like bellow. Where we have describe all with comment.

It is noted that, you just change only variable value from mail-config.php. Which will found under "LGX ALL EMAIL CONFIGURATION".

                                        //LGX ALL EMAIL CONFIGURATION

                                $admin_email_to        = '..........'; /* Admin Email; Who Will Get The Contact Email Alert */

                                $admin_email_name   = "Company Name"; /* Admin Name/Company name who will get the email alert */

                                $admin_email_from       = '..........'; /* Admin email from which email address email will be sent */

                                $admin_email_from_name  = 'System Admin'; /* Admin name from which email will be sent */

                                $use_custom_subject = false; /* If you want to use custom subject then set true. To use form subject just ignore it. */

                                $admin_email_subject = 'A new message from LogicHunt.com'; /* Custom email subject what the admin will get as contact email alert*/

                                $copy_email_subject = 'Thanks for contact'; /* Email subject what the user will get if the user agreed or select "copy me" */

                                 * To save all contacted email address is a csv file
                                 * @type boolean
                                 * @value Either true or false
                                 * @default true

                                $save_in_csv = false; /*If You Want to save as csv then just make it true */

                                 * keep false for default mail, set true for smtp
                                 * if you set true, make sure configure smtp properly
                                 * @value false|true
                                 * @default: false
                                $mail_send_type = false; /*if $mail_send_type is set to smtp, then complete this config*/

                                        //LGX MAIL CONFIGURATION END



A jquery based plugin is used to show google map.For any need of customization you need to open customscript.js from js folder.

The HTML Code for google Map :


Google Map API key is required for display the. For Api key Please visit Get a Api Key. After create the api key, please replace with XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from bottom of each html page.


Here you can change location by changing latitude and longitude from cords. you can change the icon by changing image icon path. You also can change title and content . Also, you can change the look by changing the maptype(roadmap,satellite,hybrid,terrain).

                                    zoom: 10, // Initial zoom level (optional)
                                    coords: [23.810637, 90.400615], // Map center
                                    type: "ROADMAP" // Map type (optional)


                                    //for marker
                                    coords: [34.32, 117.14], // GPS coords
                                    title: 'LogicHunt',
                                    text: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, natus quaerat voluptas. Possimus quae quaerat quam reiciendis, sunt.',
                                    icon: lgx_path + '/img/map-icon.png'

Sometimes you need to change file path. Then you will find it from customscript.js

                                    var lgx_path = window.location.protocol + '//' + window.location.host;
                                    var pathArray = window.location.pathname.split( '/' );
                                    for (i = 1; i < (pathArray.length - 1); i++) {
                                        lgx_path += '/';
                                        lgx_path += pathArray[i];

Subscriber Section

For subscription section you need MailChimp API KEY and MailChimp LIST ID. Please go to your MailChimp account and create a list. After collecting api key and list id please go to "assets/php" folder and open subscribe-config.php file. Now put your data according to bellow.

                                $save_in_csv    = false; // If You Want to save in csv format then set it true
                                $send_email     = true;
                                $api_key        = '..........'; // MailChimp API KEY
                                $list_id        = '..........'; // MailChimp LIST ID


There are a simple copyright message in footer section. You change it accordingly.